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Recent News:

  • Emily Walsh proposed her dissertation, titled Exploration of the Relationships Between Body Dissatisfaction and Sexual Experiences in a Diverse Sample of Adults: A Critical Theory-Guided, Multi-Method Approach.” 
  • Ale Miller completed her predoctoral internship at the UCSD Eating Disorders Center through the UCSD/VA Psychology Internship Training Program.
  • Lauren Wash presented a talk titled “Examining the influence of body shame, shape concern, and weight concern on aspects of self-esteem among Black and White college women” at the International Conference on Eating Disorders (June 2023); her work was selected as a Student/Trainee/Early Career Top Paper Abstract. 
  • Camilla Feeley and Jordan Hillard are working on their honors theses related to body image and disordered eating (2023-2024).
  • Dr. Bardone-Cone presented a talk titled “Varying operationalizations of physical, behavioral, and cognitive recovery in eating disorder recovery: Empirical support for a consensus definition” at the International Conference on Eating Disorders (June 2023). 
  • Dr. Bardone-Cone presented an invited webinar titled “How to Assess and Improve Body Image in Your Clientsfor the National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (NCEED) (Training for Healthcare Professionals series) (April 2023).
  • Dr. Bardone-Cone was selected as a Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholar, which is a 2-year experience supporting engaged scholarship (2023-2025). 
  • Dr. Bardone-Cone received the Rosa Swanson Award for Outstanding Citizenship, reflecting a person in the clinical psychology program who has “helped to foster a warm, supportive, nurturing, and enjoyable professional environment;” selected by graduate student vote (May 2022).
  • Ale proposed her dissertation, titled “General and Sport-Specific Risk Factors of Disordered Eating and Negative Affect among Female Aesthetic Athletes.
  • The Bardone-Cone Lab presented posters at the 2022 Eating Disorders Research Society meeting in Philadelphia, PA titled “Comparisons on Social Media by Middle-Aged Women: Considering Non-Appearance Domains and their Relationship with Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors” and “Weight Suppression in Middle-Aged Women: Relationship with Maladaptive and Adaptive Eating Behaviors.”

Our lab is strongly committed to promoting diversity and considers an ideal scientific community to be one that includes a diverse representation of individuals at all academic levels. We are committed to training students and scientists of diverse backgrounds and conducting research that addresses topics related to diversity. We encourage students from backgrounds historically underrepresented to apply to our lab, including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and first-generation college students.